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The Rev'it! Hyperion gloves are a true harness to the hands thanks to the incorporated knuckle, palm, and finger protectors. A fine balance of goatskin and neoprene allows for optimal movement, while ventilated finger parts offer the right amount of airflow to the hands. As a short, sportive glove, the Hyperion fits the needs of today’s sportive naked bike enthusiasts. When it comes to looks, these gloves are adaptable to virtually any style of riding gear. And no matter what, you won’t be compromising protection or comfort for those summer rides. Various color options are available making it exceptionally easy to pair these gloves with your favorite riding outfit.

Product Details: 

  • grip patch 

    A grip patch is made with a texturized pattern to deliver a superb grip performance.

  • Elastic at wrist
outside stitching 

The PWR | yarn stitching is positioned on the outside of the glove, eliminating any potential pressure points at the seams, and giving these gloves the ultimate sensitivity every racer demands.

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