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The FIVE Advanced Gloves RFX2, our most affordable glove to get you started around the track, now features a new look that echoes the stylistic signatures of top-level competitive riding. It even adopts components used in more advanced styles, including the TPU cuff from the RFX Race, the ventilated protective shells of the RFX1, and an internal Kevlar lining, giving it all the features of a high-end glove. It offers an impressive level of performance, focused on an excellent comfort-to-protection ratio, with unequaled value for money in this category. Don’t hesitate to examine every last detail of its technical specs: at a price like this, you’ll definitely be convinced. Also, its dynamic design makes it a glove that’s just as beautiful to look at as it is to wear, even when you’re idling. And that matters when you love the sculpted curves of beautiful sports models.

Product details: 

    • Full-grain goatskin and Stretch Cordura construction (topside) / Goatskin (palm), for extreme suppleness.
    • Ventilated TPU protective metacarpophalangeal shells.
    • Metacarpal reinforcements in 5mm-thick foam rubber.
    • Synthetic leather palm reinforcement with a silicone print for grip on the handlebars
    • Stretch Cordura comfort panels around the thumb and the ends of the index and middle fingers.
    • Internal Kevlar lining on the top of the hand and around the thumb.
    • External stitching on the fingers (in Gütermann thread).
    • TPU hypothenar protective shell (palm slider).
    • TPU protective forearm shell (identical to the one used on the RFX Race).
    • Dual closure system, with an adjustment tab under a protective flap.
    • V-Five Signature element (red on the inside of the index and middle fingers of the left hand).



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