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It is the new entry-level road full of Nolan that confirms and enriches the already appreciated technical features of the predecessor N64. N60-5, An interesting product for those who want an essential and versatile road front, thanks to the sporty design, the good technical equipment, and the wide availability of graphics. The Air-booster Technology ventilation system ensures optimal ventilation where the rider's head needs more. The cheek pads have removable covers. Exclusive system designed for the comfort of those wearing glasses.

Product details: 

  • Polycarbonate outer shell: Nolan uses only LEXAN® polycarbonate of SABIC Innovative Plastics (already General Electric Plastics) for its products, a material usually used for visors: a material that is characterized by its extreme flexibility, capable of to ensure optimum performance, so excellent products for quality and safety.
  • Predisposition for Pinlock lens
  • Ventilation System Airbooster technology: The exclusive "AirBooster Technology" ventilation system ensures optimal ventilation where the pilot's head needs more: air is in fact drawn from the front air intakes and forced, without dispersion, in the most critical areas, to ensure maximum comfort even in extreme driving conditions. The ventilation system also consists of: - air intake air vent allows ventilation at the mouth and conveys air directly on the visor, limiting its fogging; - rear extractor integrated into a rear spoiler, allows the expulsion of hot and spoiled air.
  • Pillows with removable padding: To further facilitate washing, the pillows are fitted with internal foam padding that can be extracted from the fabric liner lining.
  • Eyewear Adaptive: Exclusive system designed for the comfort of those wearing glasses. Quickly and easily, it allows to obtain a space for the eyeglasses in the pillow. It is reversible, as it is possible to bring the puffs back to the initial configuration.
  • Retention system with micrometric adjustment

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