FIVE GLOVES MUSTANG - Motoworld Philippines


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This glove surprises us with its minimal esthetic and ultra-compact look, due to its super-short cuff. The perforated leather that its topside is made of, without seams nor additional insets, helps create the understated, classic look of this glove. Though extremely elegant, with its shell underneath the leather, the Five Advanced Gloves Mustang offers real protection. Its short cuff includes a Lycra comfort gusset for excellent support and total freedom of movement. Wearing this glove, we feel truly free…like a Mustang.

Product Details: 

    • Full-grain goatskin construction for suppleness (topside and palm).
    • One-piece PU metacarpal-knuckle protective shell underneath the leather.
    • Hypothenar muscle protection with full-grain cowhide reinforcement panel.
    • Closure system with leather + Velcro tab.





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