Metzeler lahar Experience



On April 17, 2019, select motorcycle enthusiasts, vloggers and media outfits were invited to get an exclusive sneak peak at the parts of the route and some of the activities the participants will face in this year’s Lahar Challenge. Held in partnership with Motoworld Philippines, Metzeler Motorcycle Tyres, Yamaha Motor Philippines, Imprint Customs and Forged Philippines, the 2019 Metzeler Lahar Experience saw special guests gathering at the Nepo Center Park in Angeles City, Pampanga for a full day packed of activities.

Metzeler Lahar Experience

Using Yamaha XTZs installed with Metzeler MC360 Off-Road tires as their steeds for the day, the participants’ riding skills were put to test as they have learned new ways on how to maneuver the motorcycles across the unpredictable lahar, while others experienced the rough, beautiful lahar landscape by taking a special tour in a 4×4 vehicle. The special route took everyone through Sapang Bato, hot springs, streams and other points of interest in the lahar area. Participants were also challenged with exciting games such as the Fastest Lap Tandem Ride and Forged Fire Starting Challenge. With the use of Morakniv’s Eldris Neck Knife Kit of Forged Philippines, the participants even learned how to start fire – one of the most basic outdoor survival skills.

The whole-day affair was just a taste of what will be going down on May 4 and 5, when 2019 Lahar Challenge participants put their riding and non-riding skills to the test through a two-day challenge in the lahar area.


Metzeler Lahar Experience

METZELER was originally founded in Germany in 1863. The company expanded into aviation in 1890 and automotive and motorcycle tyres in 1892. Since 1979, METZELER has specialized in motorcycle tyres only, and this has enabled the company to become a benchmark for technological development in this area, with particular focus on performance and reliability. With more than 150 years of experience in the rubber industry and 125 years on the front line of innovation for motorcycle tyres, METZELER has marked a number of technological milestones in its long history. From the first transversal tread patterns to the use of Kevlar, Steel and Aramid to reinforce and enhance stability, METZELER has continually evolved to meet the latest demands of motorcycling and to widen the versatility of its range.

Today, motorcycle connoisseurs all over the world recognize METZELER’s leadership in the design and manufacture of high quality motorcycle tyres.


METZELER named 2019 “Best Tyre Brand” by the German magazine Motorrad

This is not the first time that the blue elephant brand has won this coveted award. After the successes of the 2006, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions, this year METZELER is confirmed again as the benchmark motorcycle tyre brand, for the ninth time (and fifth consecutive year) over the last 14 years. Again in the 2019 edition of the survey, Motorrad readers were asked to indicate which tyre brand they preferred, leaving voters free to express one or more preferences. METZELER won with a landslide victory with 67.8% of the preferences of the 47,407 voting readers. The consistency with which the METZELER brand has managed to win this important award is a demonstration of the popularity and esteem the brand enjoys among European and international motorcyclists and a confirmation of the comprehensive and continuous research and development work carried out on products which have remained at the top of their category.

MC360™ is METZELER’s off-road tyre range dedicated to specific segments of professional and amateur riders of several off-road disciplines: ranging from Motocross to Supercross, including Cross-country and Freestyle.

It is a versatile product which, with two specifications only, the Mid-Soft and the Mid-Hard, ensures high level dynamic performances on a wide range of different terrains, maximizing grip and traction in the turns, and ensuring an ideal behavior in all weather, on any terrain. Thanks to its high versatility, resistance and durability, the MC360™ enables professional and amateur riders to reduce the efforts and set-up needed on their bikes.

The performance consistency and the exceptional durability ensured by the MC360™ is further enhanced by the reversibility of its tread pattern: the new tyres can in fact be used in both directions. The user will have the chance to reverse it – around half of the tyre’s life- in order to restore the angles of attack of the knobs if they have been excessively worn.

MC360™ is a tyre suitable for the most extreme utilization and, at the same time, a street- legal tyre, allowing the amateur rider, owning a plated and street-legal machine, to go back and forth to the competition or training ground regularly riding on roads.

April 24, 2019 motoworld