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Metzeler range of products dedicated to Motocross, Supercross, Cross-country, non-F.I.M. Enduro and Freestyle.
The perfect tyre for medium to hard terrains.


Metzeler MC360 Mid-Hard Tire

The Metzeler MC360 Mid-Hard Tire features Metzeler’s CKB design also known as Continuous Knob Binding. This is achieved with dense, narrow knobs digging into soft terrain and an extended foot print on hard terrain. Even though these tires are beefy and offer an amazing amount of grip in the dirt, they are DOT approved so you can legally use them on the street and expect the same quality. Check out all the feature the MC360 has to offer listed below.


  • Features Metzeler’s CKB design (Continuous Knob Binding) with dense, narrow knobs that dig into soft terrain and an extended footprint on hard terrain
  • Provides superior grip in an incredibly wide variety of terrain, adds braking stability and boosts tearing resistance on mid-hard and hard terrains
  • Alternated diamond-shaped and shovel-shaped lateral knobs for optimal directionality and steering feel
  • Parabola-shaped center elements: the center of the knob digs, the sides withstand the stress and enlarge the tire’s footprint
  • Alternated-cut knobs add to the balance of lateral and longitudinal stiffness, which maximizes grip for traction and braking and provide outstanding durability
  • Reversible tread pattern
  • Tube type (TT)
  • DOT approved
  • Wheels not included
  • Tires sold individually

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