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The TCX Dartwood’s is reminiscent of popular skateboarding sneakers from the world, but it presents itself with an all-over more mature and classy look. You would never know it, but this well-executed boot is fitted with some impressive and modern features, delivering style and protection in equal measure.

Ever-popular motorcycle footwear brand TCX has introduced their ZPLATE technology across various styles in their 2021 offering, the Dartwood included. This advanced shank gives the boot a more natural free feeling flex compared to typical inserts, but crucially will protect your feet from all directions should you run into trouble on the bike.

The Dartwood is equipped with TCX’s standard T-Dry liner, which will shrug off any moisture seeping in from outside with ease, combine this with the grippy Groundtrax sole, and you have a fully waterproof boot ready to weather almost any storm. This sole is made from a highly wear-resistant, dirt-repelling rubber compound and features carefully arranged grooves that will give you ample traction on your footpegs and down on the deck.

In the safety department, the Dartwood is well reinforced and protected. The ankles accommodate newly developed low-profile inserts from D3O that have ‘Non-Newtonian’ characteristics. This means that the molecules within the armor flow freely in their standard form, but their viscosity can change to become more solid under force. In English: the Dartwood is super comfortable to wear but is set up to take an impact and keep you safe!

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